Baker City Road Trip (A Proposal)

We have a number of members whose work was selected for the upcoming Crossroads Cascadia juried show in Baker City.  The reception for this event is on Friday, April 6 and some of the members selected for inclusion plan to go to the reception.  Since PPF is so well represented this is an excellent opportunity to send a contingent to show our support for them and for PPF.  It's also a chance for a group outing and/or workshop in beautiful eastern Oregon in the early spring. There seemed to be some support for this notion expressed at our Jan. meeting.  

At the very least it is a chance for a group of us to get to know each other better and share travel expenses and driving.  We might get a better rate (and continue the fun) if we commandeer rooms in the same motel rather than scatter ourselves all over the town.  Those traveling solo might be able to acquire a simpatico roommate and only shoulder half the room rate.  Seems like a good deal! seems a shame to drive all that way with nothing (no images!) to bring back.  Would there be any interest in combining the reception with a field trip to a local point of interest?  Most likely scenario would be a half-day trip on Sat. morning.  Would there be enough interest in this prospect to work with carpooling back to Portland?  

There are a lot of logistics to consider if we decide we want to do this: 

  1. We will need a pretty firm commitment on attendance to work out carpooling and accommodations plans.  Come to the Feb. meeting ready to seriously discuss putting your name on the list.  
  2. We will need someone to be the cat-wrangler-in-chief for the actual event (i.e., somebody needs to be sure whether Day is still in the bathroom and not in the other car when we leave the gas station!).  Mike Osborne will handle advance planning but a prior commitment prevents his attendance.  
  3. Assuming that we can muster a quorum for a Sat. photo shot, does anyone have opinions about some good possibilities in the Baker City area? Are there any special factors (clothing, hiking, entrance fees, etc.) about those locations?  

Many of us mentioned an interest in reviving group outings on the recent questionnaire.  This proposal may require significant buy-in but it could be a lot of fun while also showing support for our members and to our organization.  It is worth considering.  The plan lives or dies depending upon the discussion and input at the Feb. meeting.  If you won't be at the meeting you can email your desires, intentions and opinions directly to Mike Oz at: