Featured September Speaker: Chester Ng

PPF is proud to announce Chester Ng will be our featured speaker for our September Meeting

Chester Ng is a Fine Arts photographer who focuses on dance, motion, abstract and cultural themes.  His images capture both movements and expressions as well as the encounter between the subject’s energy and himself.  He combines a journalistic style with an aesthetic sense to create images with mood, emotion and relevance.  He invites viewers to create their own "real or imagined" stories with his images and to celebrate the spontaneity of the moment.

Chester's photographs have received international recognition from Black & White Magazine, American Art Collector, Black & White Spider Awards, Monochrome Awards, Color Awards, PX3, Photography Masters Cup and Photographer's Forum.

Featuring Katharine T Jacobs

PPF is proud to announce Katharine T Jacobs will be our featured speaker for our June meeting


Katharine T. Jacobs is a large format film photographer working in silver gelatin and alternative processes. Her work is conceptual and deals with femininity, chronic illness and living with a disability. She uses the human form to communicate emotions and sensations that are deeply personal while also trying to create beautiful images that viewers can appreciate on both an aesthetic and visceral level.

Katharine is a graduate of Oregon College of Art and Craft. Originally from the rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Katharine began her education at California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. There she learned to shoot with a large format camera and discovered Polaroid type 55 film. In 2007 she moved to Portland, purchased her own 4×5 camera and started photographing friends, family and countless strangers. Her focus in street photography and large format shooting would inspire her journey across the United States and the production of her largest body of work to date; American Strangers.

Visit Katharine's website


Featured speaker: Jim Fitzgerald

PPF is proud to announce Jim Fitzgerald will be our featured speaker for our May meeting


Jim Fitzgerald is a large and Ultra large format Photographer, Camera Builder and Carbon Transfer Specialist. Mr. Fitzgerald is also an educator who teaches the historic process known as Carbon Transfer Printing.

A traditional photographer, Jim specializes in monochrome Carbon Transfer Contact Printing from in camera negatives. Carbon Transfer printing, a process perfected by Joseph Swan in 1864, is a highly labor intensive process that yields prints of the finest quality. The artist has total control of the image tonality due to the creative blending of pigments used to manufacture the carbon tissue which is used to complete his vision. From this tissue the image is born. Carbon prints require a minimum of four or more days work to produce one finished print. Truly a labor of love and passion. Jim teaches carbon transfer printing and offers workshops in his studio/darkroom at his home in Vancouver Washington.

Visit Jim Fitzgerald's website


Austin Granger Presentation

PPF is privileged and excited to host Austin Granger for our March speaker and presenter. Austin is a beautiful example of creativity and intent in his images.

by Austin Granger

by Austin Granger

Austin's art is prolific and heart-felt. He is a local treasure here in Portland. A very insightful and inventive image maker, Austin carries an array of favorite traditional film cameras with him everywhere.

He will be sharing some of his favorites with us on Monday evening.

‟ When I’m photographing well, I have the most uncanny feeling that the pictures are predestined. I recognize them. They echo the feelings inside myself. They correspond. My subjects are the things that ache.
Whether or not I can portray feelings using objects that may not ostensibly depict those feelings is something that I wrestle with. People see things differently. After all, we bring our minds–all of those thoughts that make us–to our looking at things. In a very real way, pictures are always of our heads. They’re all self-portraits. Still, I’d like to think that it’s possible to put something across, to bridge the gap, meet a stranger in the middle, and connect. After all, do we not all share the same basic, existential struggles? Fundamentally, deep down, are we not all made of the same stuff?
Perhaps then, by going inward, one goes outward as well. Perhaps one can approach the universal through the individual. I’d like to think so. I’ve come to think of my pictures as an attempt to understand myself, and also, as an attempt to communicate. I want to express emotions that people will recognize. I want my pictures to be a correspondence between us, to be both the place and the record of our meeting.” 

~ Austin Granger


Austin Granger is the author of Elegy from the Edge of a Continent: Photographing Point Reyes. Born in San Francisco in 1970, Granger has worked as a baker, house painter, naval radar operator and camera salesman. He first began to photograph while studying philosophy in college as a way to get out of his head. Preferring to use traditional film cameras, Granger has come to see his photography as a spiritual practice–a way in which to shape his life and enrich his relationship with the world.


Engaging The Muse: A Panel Discussion

We are honored and excited to have the following artists on our panel for our February PPF Presentation

Andrea Hollander - Poet

Andrea Hollander moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2011, after many years in the Arkansas Ozark Mountains, where she ran a bed & breakfast for 15 years and served as the Writer-in-Residence at Lyon College for 22. Her poems and essays have appeared in numerous literary journals, college textbooks, and anthologies, including most recently, The Poetry of Impermanence, Mindfulness, and Joy, edited by John Brehm, and containing the work of such classic writers as Shakespeare, Basho, and Neruda, alongside contemporary poets.

Hollander's 5th individual full-length poetry collection will be released by Autumn House in September 2018. Her 4th was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award; her 1st won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize. Among her many other honors are the 2017 Vern Rutsala Award, a 2013 Oregon Literary Fellowship, two Pushcart Prizes (in poetry and literary nonfiction) and two poetry fellowships from the National Endowment of the Arts. 

Laura Valenti - Photographer

Laura Valenti is the founder of Light Atlas Creative. Light Atlas exists to help photographers transform their vision and lead vibrant, skillful, wholehearted creative lives. She teaches richly interactive online courses, works with emerging photographers in her creative mentoring program, presents lectures to photo groups, and curates exhibitions for galleries and festivals around the world.  

Her teaching centers on clearing creative blocks and cultivating the insight and confidence necessary to make deeply authentic personal work. She is passionate about helping photographers become visionary artists.  Laura has spent twenty years in the art world as a photographer, curator, arts director, and educator. Recent curatorial projects include shows at PhotoPlace Gallery, LightBox Photographic, Center for Fine-Art Photography, Photographic Resource Center, RayKo Photo Center, the Oregon Historical Society, and the Lishui International Photography Festival (China).

Fred Swan - Painter

Artist, author, editor in chief of AIR Gallery Ezine, father, really long-time married man who died a few years ago and after forty minutes of CPR came back with some changed ideas about loving, living, and ways of shredding the doubts and fears that keep us from becoming the creative and confident individuals we were born to be. Fred spends his days working as an artist. 

Educationally he has a Master's degree in Social Work and studied art and design during his undergraduate years.  While his career focused on the field of child welfare - specifically the issues of child abuse and neglect and the treatment of loss and grief issues - he has pursued, over the course of his life, his interests as an artist and a writer.  Fred is a founder and curator of AIR Gallery, an on-line gallery.

Ray Bidegain - Panel Moderator

After a long commercial career working as a black and white photographer, Ray discovered the beauty of the platinum print and began to teach himself this art over 10 years ago. He was drawn to the older alternative photo processes because of the hand made nature of the work and its inherent beauty. 

"I find peace in my photographs, and mostly photograph things that present themselves voluntarily into my life." The images serve as visual reminders of moments and feelings he has experienced, signifying both the passage of time and the reverberation of consistency in all of our lives. 

Ray began teaching platinum printing workshops 13 years ago and enjoys the personal interaction with his students. He now teaches workshops on a variety of other photographic topics and he has been a influential board member and past president of the Portland Photographers Forum.