Featured January Speaker: Charles Purvis

PPF is proud to announce Charles Purvis will be our featured speaker for our January 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the January 28, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Charles Purvis.

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"The mind perceives everything as symbolic language, charged with meaning, even as the meaning is applied by the mind. 

Objects abstracted upset habits of casual association and call upon the viewer to re-establish meaning.

This engagement enlivens the object of perception and, in turn, the viewer.

It is said that the perceiver, what is being perceived, and the act of perception are one.

These ideas interest me."

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Strange associations

 This talk is a presentation of work created in the studio. It falls in the category of still life yet is not primarily concerned with the natural depiction of objects or of objects as symbols. The intention is to strip away conventional meaning in favor of form by foregrounding strange associations and by replacing common orientational assumptions with structural innovations determined by the particular characteristics of the 4×5 camera, film, and light. The studio is seen as a liminal space of absolute potentiality. What is to be, must be created. Entering the studio becomes analogous to the experience of going within oneself to explore imagination, creativity and the feeling state.

About Charles Purvis

For many years Charles Purvis worked as a photographer in New York City creating groundbreaking imagery for a wide variety of internationally known clients. In addition to commercial assignments, Charles has created a large body of innovative work inspired by a relentless curiosity and desire to uncover the creative potential of camera, light and film.