Let's Keep Our Instagram Feed Rolling Along!

Pat Rose is our newly minted Instagram Czar. Let’s send her enough images that she has a pile of them to work with to keep a steady dribble of uploaded new images to our Instagram account. Please consider sending Pat images from our Sunday School outings and our weekend trips as well as the occasional favorites from your files. Send your best images as attached digital files directly to Pat at her email address: rosewall85@hotmail.com.

BTW- Instagram has pretty specific sizing requirements. They are as follows:

• Square images should be 1,080 px by 1,080 px.

• Horizontal images should be 1,080 px wide (most standard aspect ratios will work).

• Vertical images should be 1,080 px wide x 1,350 px high (they should have an aspect ratio of 4:5 to avoid being cropped by Instagram.)

• Use sRGB color space to reduce surprising color shifts. Also, some folks say adding a little bit of sharpening and contrast will help to counteract Instagram’s file shrinking procedures. Experiment a bit to see what shows off your work the best.

Thanks for your help with this!