Featured April Speaker: Angel O'Brien

PPF is proud to announce Angel O’ Brien will be our featured speaker for our April 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the April 15, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Angel O’Brien.


An old school Portland photographer, Angel O’Brien started out back in 1994 lugging her Cambo 5x7 around the city shooting its historic buildings. Angel spent a few years in NYC studying architecture at the Cooper Union, six years renovating old houses, a few years owning the Ladybug Cafe (she still misses making cappuccinos) and then a couple of misguided years owning a consignment store. Angel’s hands have never strayed too far from a camera and over the last 25 years her work has wandered through many subjects, most recently settling quite resolutely into alt-process self portraiture. When she isn’t making photos or writing poetry, she lives in St. Johns with her daughter Gwendolyn, where much cooking and gardening and art happens somewhat frequently. 

Angel works with several alternative processes, including platinum palladium, gum bichromate, and collage.

You can read more about Angel at her website.

You can see Angel’s talk at the April 15th PPF meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center from 8-9 PM: the meeting starts at 7 PM and is free and open to the public. This meeting will feature exclusively female- idenitfiying presenters, and we are excited to highlight the incredible work they contribute to PPF.