Welcome To 2018! The Year Of Creativity


In January we started the year with a survey to see how the 2018 board can best serve the needs of PPF.  Based on the survey results, the board has agreed on making 2018 "The Year of Creativity", exploring all aspects of why  we photograph, the need for self knowledge and self expression, how to wake up the muse & how best to describe our art. We will look at what our creative force is and find ways to do our work with the muse ... Some aspect of Creativity will be woven into every speaker's talk, every outing, every presentation. This focus will be inherent in our efforts to Educate, Inspire and Engage you, our members.  We can dig deep all year into the mystery and magic of Creativity.


The survey results in a nutshell:

  1.  How to Wake-Up the Muse/ Overcoming Creative Blocks (20)
  2.  Tips for Digital Processing (15)
  3.  Direction of Contemporary Photography (13)
  4.  Tied: (a)What Judges Look for in Submissions: (b) Different   Formats for Presenting Work at the General Meetings (11)

Results were determined by looking at the top ranked 4 answers on each survey.

There were some interesting comments provided.  I will share a few of them here...

  • Tips and ideas for developing a personal vision for photo-shoots
  • Discussion groups; critique groups: open discussions on suggested topics
  • Getting together to learn from each other on trips (kudos to Phil Bowser) -{ there were quite a few requests for outings} 
  • Publishing opportunities and collaboration with other photographers
  • More info about 'why' the image was made vs. where, or that it caught my eye ... more meaning behind what the image meant to the photographer
  • How to sell to and develop collectors
  • Guest speakers that are outside presenters
  • Getting more young & diverse members