June Meeting, featuring a Surprise guest!


(And who doesn't like a surprise?)

Come to the Members Meeting next Monday, June 17, to meet our Mystery Guest Speaker! This will be a program somewhat out of the norm for us. Instead of being a photographer whose work is his art, this young man's life is his art and photography, both still & video, is how he expresses and documents it. I think you will find this program unique, engaging and exciting!

See you June 17 at the Multnomah Arts Center from 7-9 PM!

Featured April Speaker: Angel O'Brien

PPF is proud to announce Angel O’ Brien will be our featured speaker for our April 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the April 15, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Angel O’Brien.


An old school Portland photographer, Angel O’Brien started out back in 1994 lugging her Cambo 5x7 around the city shooting its historic buildings. Angel spent a few years in NYC studying architecture at the Cooper Union, six years renovating old houses, a few years owning the Ladybug Cafe (she still misses making cappuccinos) and then a couple of misguided years owning a consignment store. Angel’s hands have never strayed too far from a camera and over the last 25 years her work has wandered through many subjects, most recently settling quite resolutely into alt-process self portraiture. When she isn’t making photos or writing poetry, she lives in St. Johns with her daughter Gwendolyn, where much cooking and gardening and art happens somewhat frequently. 

Angel works with several alternative processes, including platinum palladium, gum bichromate, and collage.

You can read more about Angel at her website.

You can see Angel’s talk at the April 15th PPF meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center from 8-9 PM: the meeting starts at 7 PM and is free and open to the public. This meeting will feature exclusively female- idenitfiying presenters, and we are excited to highlight the incredible work they contribute to PPF.


Featured March Speaker: Jeffrey Conley

PPF is proud to announce Jeffrey Conley will be our featured speaker for our March 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the March 18, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Jeffrey Conley.

Photography is for me a kind of meditation that widens my perception of the existing and evolving world around us. I seek refuge and simplicity in my photographs and find a personal resolution and fulfillment that I sincerely hope others experience as well.
— Jeffrey Conley
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.20.40 AM.png

Jeffrey Conley is a fine art landscape photographer well known for his meticulously crafted monochromatic prints using traditional darkroom processes of gelatin silver and hand-coated platinum palladium. Conley’s work has been internationally exhibited and is included in museum collections worldwide.

You can read more about Jeffrey at his website.

You can see Jeffrey’s talk at the March 18th PPF meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center from 8-9 PM: the meeting starts at 7 PM and is free and open to the public.

Featured January Speaker: Charles Purvis

PPF is proud to announce Charles Purvis will be our featured speaker for our January 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the January 28, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Charles Purvis.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.09.43 PM.png

"The mind perceives everything as symbolic language, charged with meaning, even as the meaning is applied by the mind. 

Objects abstracted upset habits of casual association and call upon the viewer to re-establish meaning.

This engagement enlivens the object of perception and, in turn, the viewer.

It is said that the perceiver, what is being perceived, and the act of perception are one.

These ideas interest me."

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.10.55 PM.png

Strange associations

 This talk is a presentation of work created in the studio. It falls in the category of still life yet is not primarily concerned with the natural depiction of objects or of objects as symbols. The intention is to strip away conventional meaning in favor of form by foregrounding strange associations and by replacing common orientational assumptions with structural innovations determined by the particular characteristics of the 4×5 camera, film, and light. The studio is seen as a liminal space of absolute potentiality. What is to be, must be created. Entering the studio becomes analogous to the experience of going within oneself to explore imagination, creativity and the feeling state.

About Charles Purvis

For many years Charles Purvis worked as a photographer in New York City creating groundbreaking imagery for a wide variety of internationally known clients. In addition to commercial assignments, Charles has created a large body of innovative work inspired by a relentless curiosity and desire to uncover the creative potential of camera, light and film.

PPF In the Blue Sky Drawers!

PPF is excited and honored to have been offered one of the community drawers at the Blue Sky Photographic Gallery!


The Blue Sky drawers are flat files in which juried artists present professionally printed and matted images which viewers handle as they explore the drawers.

“Blue Sky established the Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers program in 2007 to feature a juried, public archive of original prints by contemporary photographers based in the region. The Drawers program has quickly become a favorite aspect of Blue Sky’s ongoing programming, featuring original prints by more than 60 artists based in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The Drawers is a year-long exhibition, changing every April to coincide with Portland Photo Month,  and available to approximately 25,000 visitors annually.”

To participate in this wonderful opportunity, please first make sure your membership for 2019 is up to date! This opportunity is open to members only. If you still need to renew your membership, click here.

If you would like to participate, please email social@portlandphotographersforum.com with your intention to participate. Each artist will have 1/2 of a drawer for one month, enabling each artist to exhibit 10 matted or sleeved prints. A board member will let you know the earliest availibility.

Featured November Speaker: Keith Walklet

PPF is proud to announce Keith Walklet will be our featured speaker for our November Meeting

The speaker for the November 19, 2018 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Boise photographer Keith Walklet.  While Keith wanders all over the west making images, but is perhaps best known for his work in Yosemite, where he lived and worked for 15 years and where he still teaches photography workshops for The Ansel Adams Gallery.  Adept at both the grand landscapes and the more quiet, intimate scenes in nature, Keith also enjoys the thrill of the hunt for those random, spontaneous, peculiar visual treats that pop up in the most unexpected places at the most unexpected times.  He is the author/ photographer of three books on Yosemite and has introduced hundreds of photographers to the joy and fun of making images in the park he knows so well.  Keith is represented by The Ansel Adams Gallery and a selection of his imagery can be found on his website www.quietworks.com


Featured September Speaker: Chester Ng

PPF is proud to announce Chester Ng will be our featured speaker for our September Meeting

Chester Ng is a Fine Arts photographer who focuses on dance, motion, abstract and cultural themes.  His images capture both movements and expressions as well as the encounter between the subject’s energy and himself.  He combines a journalistic style with an aesthetic sense to create images with mood, emotion and relevance.  He invites viewers to create their own "real or imagined" stories with his images and to celebrate the spontaneity of the moment.

Chester's photographs have received international recognition from Black & White Magazine, American Art Collector, Black & White Spider Awards, Monochrome Awards, Color Awards, PX3, Photography Masters Cup and Photographer's Forum.

Featuring Katharine T Jacobs

PPF is proud to announce Katharine T Jacobs will be our featured speaker for our June meeting


Katharine T. Jacobs is a large format film photographer working in silver gelatin and alternative processes. Her work is conceptual and deals with femininity, chronic illness and living with a disability. She uses the human form to communicate emotions and sensations that are deeply personal while also trying to create beautiful images that viewers can appreciate on both an aesthetic and visceral level.

Katharine is a graduate of Oregon College of Art and Craft. Originally from the rural foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Katharine began her education at California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. There she learned to shoot with a large format camera and discovered Polaroid type 55 film. In 2007 she moved to Portland, purchased her own 4×5 camera and started photographing friends, family and countless strangers. Her focus in street photography and large format shooting would inspire her journey across the United States and the production of her largest body of work to date; American Strangers.

Visit Katharine's website


Trees of the Northwest: A PPF / Lightbox member’s exhibit

Artists’ Reception

Sunday, June 24, 2-4 p.m. at Argyle Winery, Dundee, Oregon.

Show runs May 15–July 9

Argyle Tasting House
691 Highway 99W
Dundee, Oregon

Roger Dorband, Ken Hochfeld and Michael Granger will curate the exhibit.

Congratulations to the members juried into this show:

Sam Blair, Steve  Blair, Eric Brody, Jeff Brownell, Jim Fitzgerald, Scott Hoyle, Don Jacobson, Jim Hodel, MacGregor, Julie Moore, Dave Schaerer, Ray Tatyrek, Susan Turner, Lorraine Richey 

Featured speaker: Jim Fitzgerald

PPF is proud to announce Jim Fitzgerald will be our featured speaker for our May meeting


Jim Fitzgerald is a large and Ultra large format Photographer, Camera Builder and Carbon Transfer Specialist. Mr. Fitzgerald is also an educator who teaches the historic process known as Carbon Transfer Printing.

A traditional photographer, Jim specializes in monochrome Carbon Transfer Contact Printing from in camera negatives. Carbon Transfer printing, a process perfected by Joseph Swan in 1864, is a highly labor intensive process that yields prints of the finest quality. The artist has total control of the image tonality due to the creative blending of pigments used to manufacture the carbon tissue which is used to complete his vision. From this tissue the image is born. Carbon prints require a minimum of four or more days work to produce one finished print. Truly a labor of love and passion. Jim teaches carbon transfer printing and offers workshops in his studio/darkroom at his home in Vancouver Washington.

Visit Jim Fitzgerald's website


Member Cudos!!!

Two PPF members received honorable mention cash awards at the Cascadia opening in Baker City on Friday


Scott Hoyle for “Smoke and Mirrors”
Dave Schaerer for “Crossing the Nehalem Bar”

There were a total of $2600 for 12 awards.

Other PPF participants:

Ken Hochfeld
Don Jacobson
Alan Mevis
Loren Nelson
Mike O’Brien

Cascadia is a statewide-wide touring fine art photography exhibition of juried work by Oregon photographers from both sides of the Cascades. 

Exhibition dates

Crossroads Carnegie Art Center, April 6 - 28th
The Brama Pop-Up Gallery, The Dalles, May 4-29th
Murdock Gallery, OSU Campus July 2 - Aug 5th

Congratulations to all!!!

Upcoming Don Jacobson (PPF member) Class

Photographing Wildflowers In the Field & Midday Photographing Techniques


April 13, 14, 15

Class meets on Clark College main campus 7-9pm Friday eve, 8 to 4pm Field studies on Sat, and 2-4pm on main campus Sunday.

Learn how to improve your skills photographing wildflowers in the field. We will use techniques and appropriate approaches to portray the beauty of our native flora. Learn valuable techniques for photographing in midday. Equipment and techniques will be discussed in the Friday lecture, a full day in the field to photograph wildflowers on Saturday in the Columbia River Gorge. Sunday we will review photographs taken on Saturday. Equipment (macro lens, extension tubes or a close up lens) or a camera that lets you focus closely and a tripod will be helpful. Up to 2 miles of easy hiking will be involved. Bring a brown bag lunch. 

Learn more and register