October 2019 "First Thursday" Events

October 3rd's First Thursday gallery crawl featured work by three Photographers’ Forum members. Our community drawer space, generously donated by the Blue Sky Gallery and curated by Forum volunteers, features the works of Ron Odenheimer and Jim Dawson throughout October.

Additionally, Doug Rundle has an exhibit at the office of Lovejoy Real Estate for the month of October. Anyone who buy a print from Doug can save $1000 on a real estate offer!

Multnomah Arts Center Says 'No Thank You' to Photographers' Forum Proposal

Long-time Forum members may recall that the process for obtaining the Multnomah Arts Center Gallery for an exhibition takes some time and involves many steps. Recently, the Forum Board of Directors issued a call for members’ work. Then came the lengthy process of selecting the best prints, and completing the paperwork required by the Arts Center and submitting the entire package by the deadline. Next, the Arts Center Selection Committee looked at all the proposals received, debated the merits of each one, and selected the twelve best—enough for one show per month in 2010.

Unfortunately, the PPF proposal failed to make the cut. Clearly, the competition for only 12 slots was fierce!

Thanks go out to the PPF Board and the MAC Selection crew, plus all of the PPF members who prepared samples of their work!

August Group Excursion to the Portland South Waterfront Well Attended, Successful

The August 2019 photo excursion (aka “Sunday School”) at the South Waterfront was biggly successful! There are a surprising number of interesting architectural features in the area in spite of the addresses all starting with zero! The assembled multitude garnered some great photographs, enjoyed a morning of gorgeous weather and comradeship and shared a wonderful noon meal at the local Vietnamese restaurant. You shouldda been there! Expect a slide show featuring the personal favorites of the participants at an upcoming general membership meeting.

Thanks to PPF Treasurer, Gary Brockway, for organizing the event!

Oregon Society of Artists/Portland Photographers' Forum Joint Exhibit Coming Soon!

Long time PPF members will recall that we regularly coordinate a joint exhibit with the Oregon Society of Artists. Here are the details you need to know to participate in this month’s show.

Only current active members of PPF are eligible. To enter, submit up to 3 .JPG files of your entries, along with the frames sizes, titles, and prices, to Day Tooley (Day@TheTooleys.com). Your deadline is Monday, Sept. 23. Please indicate order of preference among submitted images in case there is not enough available space to display all of the entries. For more details please review the email Newsletter sent out on 08/29 and/or come to the next PPF Meeting on Monday, Sept. 16.

This just in—OSA’s announcement for the event! The tintype was made by Ashley Jennings.

Tintype photo of man holding an infant close to his chest, both facing the camera.

Something New!: Starting with the September OSA show and continuing with all our future group exhibits, we are exploring the option of posting the show on our website. This will provide additional exposure for your images. Your participation in an on-line exhibit will require your permission.

September 16 PPF General Membership Meeting Features John Ricca

Our General Membership Meeting this month is from 7-9 pm on Monday, September 16, at the Multnomah Arts Center. The address is 7688 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR 97219. These meetings are open to the public. Ask the front door receptionist at the Center for directions to the room.

Photograph by JohnRicca showing trees rising from water and for, with rust colored leaves.

John Ricca, a fine art photographer from the Bay Area, is our guest presenter in September. His work demonstrates a creative and unusually wide latitude of subject matter combined with a variety of post-processing techniques. The result is a complex and pleasing variety of work. John's images are often reminiscent of pure abstract expressionism, impressionism, pen and ink drawings, and the celebration of color. They emphasize shapes, textures, and patterns whether drawn from urban/architectural themes, intimate scenes from nature, or social/human subjects.

Photo by JohnRicca showing a stone courtyard, with massive stone steps leading up to double doors. Young people with backpacks sit around, conversing, perhaps waiting for school to start.

Witnessing the sheer breadth of what catches John’s eye and camera is worth the trip to the September 16th PPF meeting. You don’t want to miss this presentation. See his imagery at: riccapics.com

September's Print Discussion Group

This month's Print Discussion Group will be led by Walt Duddington. It meets at the usual time and place: 6:00 pm in Room 30 at the Multnomah Arts Center on Monday, Sept. 16, just before the general PPF meeting. Bring a few prints to share with the group! (or not-lurkers are welcome, too!)

Wilsonville Motorsports Museum is Destination for PPF July 20 Group Shoot

The PPF Sunday School outing for July will be at the Cars & Coffee meeting on Saturday, July 20, 2019 at the World of Speed Motorsports Museum 27490 SW 95th Ave, Wilsonville, OR 97070. The meeting starts (officially) at 8:00 a.m. and generally runs until noonish. Best time is generally 7:30ish to 10:00ish.

Cars and Coffee is a meeting of auto enthusiasts, many of whom bring their cars to show. On any given Saturday you can see hot rods, muscle cars, vintage restorations, European exotics, etc. On the 20th, the theme is Italian, so expect Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Maseratis, Alfas etc., It is a great opportunity to photograph cars as art, machinery, abstracts or however your fancy strikes. It is also a great opportunity to shoot people and practice your street photography skills.

Photo by Mike Osbourne

Photo by Mike Osbourne

Let's Keep Our Instagram Feed Rolling Along!

Pat Rose is our newly minted Instagram Czar. Let’s send her enough images that she has a pile of them to work with to keep a steady dribble of uploaded new images to our Instagram account. Please consider sending Pat images from our Sunday School outings and our weekend trips as well as the occasional favorites from your files. Send your best images as attached digital files directly to Pat at her email address: rosewall85@hotmail.com.

BTW- Instagram has pretty specific sizing requirements. They are as follows:

• Square images should be 1,080 px by 1,080 px.

• Horizontal images should be 1,080 px wide (most standard aspect ratios will work).

• Vertical images should be 1,080 px wide x 1,350 px high (they should have an aspect ratio of 4:5 to avoid being cropped by Instagram.)

• Use sRGB color space to reduce surprising color shifts. Also, some folks say adding a little bit of sharpening and contrast will help to counteract Instagram’s file shrinking procedures. Experiment a bit to see what shows off your work the best.

Thanks for your help with this!

Jarré Lyman Wows June PPF Attendees

Portland artist Jarré Lyman put forward an incredible show as our June Guest Presenter. Lyman did two sets of performance art that held PPF members spellbound. Using still photography and video he documented aspects of his life as an artist in a truly unique and inspiring way.

In the first, he documented the changing of the length of his hair by staging highly detailed photos from periods in history when males normally wore their hair in a particular style. We saw Jarré as a Civil War soldier, as a 1960s surfer, a current day street protester, and many more. The second was a technical tour de force photo-a-day project in which the younger Jarré read a sonnet that gave advice to his older self.

We hope to have him back next year just to see what he does next!

June Meeting Contained An Announcement Of Increased Room Rent

President Mike Osborne noted at the June PPF meeting that the Multnomah Arts Center (MAC) was raising the rate charged for the use of our meeting room. Today, he passed along a newspaper story that explains why.

The short version of the longer story is that the MAC will very soon receive zero dollars in support from the City of Portland. It has 1.5 years to write and implement a business plan that makes it a completely independent business.

For more details, see https://pamplinmedia.com/scc/103-news/429343-334438-new-era-of-financial-independence-looms-for-multnomah-arts-center .

Featured April Speaker: Angel O'Brien

PPF is proud to announce Angel O’ Brien will be our featured speaker for our April 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the April 15, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Angel O’Brien.


An old school Portland photographer, Angel O’Brien started out back in 1994 lugging her Cambo 5x7 around the city shooting its historic buildings. Angel spent a few years in NYC studying architecture at the Cooper Union, six years renovating old houses, a few years owning the Ladybug Cafe (she still misses making cappuccinos) and then a couple of misguided years owning a consignment store. Angel’s hands have never strayed too far from a camera and over the last 25 years her work has wandered through many subjects, most recently settling quite resolutely into alt-process self portraiture. When she isn’t making photos or writing poetry, she lives in St. Johns with her daughter Gwendolyn, where much cooking and gardening and art happens somewhat frequently. 

Angel works with several alternative processes, including platinum palladium, gum bichromate, and collage.

You can read more about Angel at her website.

You can see Angel’s talk at the April 15th PPF meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center from 8-9 PM: the meeting starts at 7 PM and is free and open to the public. This meeting will feature exclusively female- idenitfiying presenters, and we are excited to highlight the incredible work they contribute to PPF.


Featured March Speaker: Jeffrey Conley

PPF is proud to announce Jeffrey Conley will be our featured speaker for our March 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the March 18, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Jeffrey Conley.

Photography is for me a kind of meditation that widens my perception of the existing and evolving world around us. I seek refuge and simplicity in my photographs and find a personal resolution and fulfillment that I sincerely hope others experience as well.
— Jeffrey Conley
Screen Shot 2019-03-06 at 10.20.40 AM.png

Jeffrey Conley is a fine art landscape photographer well known for his meticulously crafted monochromatic prints using traditional darkroom processes of gelatin silver and hand-coated platinum palladium. Conley’s work has been internationally exhibited and is included in museum collections worldwide.

You can read more about Jeffrey at his website.

You can see Jeffrey’s talk at the March 18th PPF meeting at the Multnomah Arts Center from 8-9 PM: the meeting starts at 7 PM and is free and open to the public.

Featured January Speaker: Charles Purvis

PPF is proud to announce Charles Purvis will be our featured speaker for our January 2019 Meeting

The speaker for the January 28, 2019 meeting of the Portland Photographers Forum is Portland Photographer Charles Purvis.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.09.43 PM.png

"The mind perceives everything as symbolic language, charged with meaning, even as the meaning is applied by the mind. 

Objects abstracted upset habits of casual association and call upon the viewer to re-establish meaning.

This engagement enlivens the object of perception and, in turn, the viewer.

It is said that the perceiver, what is being perceived, and the act of perception are one.

These ideas interest me."

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 12.10.55 PM.png

Strange associations

 This talk is a presentation of work created in the studio. It falls in the category of still life yet is not primarily concerned with the natural depiction of objects or of objects as symbols. The intention is to strip away conventional meaning in favor of form by foregrounding strange associations and by replacing common orientational assumptions with structural innovations determined by the particular characteristics of the 4×5 camera, film, and light. The studio is seen as a liminal space of absolute potentiality. What is to be, must be created. Entering the studio becomes analogous to the experience of going within oneself to explore imagination, creativity and the feeling state.

About Charles Purvis

For many years Charles Purvis worked as a photographer in New York City creating groundbreaking imagery for a wide variety of internationally known clients. In addition to commercial assignments, Charles has created a large body of innovative work inspired by a relentless curiosity and desire to uncover the creative potential of camera, light and film.

PPF In the Blue Sky Drawers!

PPF is excited and honored to have been offered one of the community drawers at the Blue Sky Photographic Gallery!


The Blue Sky drawers are flat files in which juried artists present professionally printed and matted images which viewers handle as they explore the drawers.

“Blue Sky established the Pacific Northwest Photography Viewing Drawers program in 2007 to feature a juried, public archive of original prints by contemporary photographers based in the region. The Drawers program has quickly become a favorite aspect of Blue Sky’s ongoing programming, featuring original prints by more than 60 artists based in Alaska, British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. The Drawers is a year-long exhibition, changing every April to coincide with Portland Photo Month,  and available to approximately 25,000 visitors annually.”

To participate in this wonderful opportunity, please first make sure your membership for 2019 is up to date! This opportunity is open to members only. If you still need to renew your membership, click here.

If you would like to participate, please email social@portlandphotographersforum.com with your intention to participate. Each artist will have 1/2 of a drawer for one month, enabling each artist to exhibit 10 matted or sleeved prints. A board member will let you know the earliest availibility.