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August Group Field Day Scheduled for the 25th

Gary Brockway, PPF Board Member and Site Scout for field days, announced the August Sunday School* will be held at Portland’s South Waterfront area. There is a lot to capture there, construction, bridges, interesting architecture, boats on the river, etc. Plus it is accessible by train, tram, bus, streetcar, bicycle, hiking, as well as personal vehicle (or rental scooter.)

We will meet at Blue Star Donuts, 672 SW Gaines St, Portland, Sunday, Aug. 25th, at about 9:00 a.m. Current forecast is mostly sunny, with a high of 77 degrees F.

*Portland Photographers Forum schedules monthly opportunities for members (and potential members) to visit a visually rich location in a small group and practice the craft. Often we begin or end the day with a shared meal. It’s a good time, and it’s amazing how people can look at the same scenery and record such differing images!

By the way—we don’t always meet on a Sunday.